FTRC Running Jacket

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FTRC Running Jacket
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The Dwyn running jacket from Erreà, has been designed for runners who want a garment that is both lightweight and functional.  It is wind-resistant, lightweight and breathable. The soft polyester fabric, the reflective trimmings and the mesh inserts under the armpits make this a practical garment of the highest quality.  Perfect for running and for trail runners, it protects you from the wind and allows your skin to breath. Thanks to the reflective inserts you'll be able to train both early in the morning and late at night, without fear of the dark. Includes thumb holes at the ends of the sleeves; elasticated bottom and sleeve ends to improve wearability and the technical nature of the garment; full length zip with a collar that goes right up to the chin; mandarin collar; reflective inserts front and back; pockets with side zips; breathable mesh inserts in the areas most prone to sweating; semi-fitted wearability. Semi-fitted wearability. Fabric: polyester/mesh